Thursday, December 03, 2009

well, I've had a good innings

The fascinating Test series between India and Sri Lanka which is currently in progress has already provided a few statistical highlights for those of a certain mental disposition. Having started a couple of lists relating to obscure records in earlier posts I feel morally obliged to provide an update whenever things change, so here it is:
  • Mahela Jayawardene has now joined the select club of batsmen with more than one 250+ score to their name, courtesy of his 275 in Ahmedabad.
  • My favourite serially murderous batting psychopath Virender Sehwag has rewritten the record books yet again today in the third Test in Mumbai. Not only does his unbeaten 284 put him in the exalted company of Bradman, Miandad and Lara as the only men to pass 250 more than twice, it also annihilates his modern record for runs scored in a day - you now have to go back 76 years to find someone (the mighty Walter Hammond, as it happens) to outdo him. Not only that but he didn't even have a full day's batting - Sri Lanka ate up 6 overs or so finishing off their first innings, plus a couple more for the between-innings break. Given an extra 8 overs Don Bradman's 79-year old record of 309 could have gone. Today's innings was also the second-fastest Test double-century ever made; ridiculously, Sehwag now owns three of the top four in this list, and five of the top nine. It was also the fastest 250, and unless he dawdles in a highly uncharacteristic manner tomorrow (or gets out, of course) he will register the fastest triple-century ever made as well, beating his own record of 278 balls against South Africa in Chennai last year. More significantly he would also become the first man ever to make three separate Test triple-centuries, beating the puny likes of Don Bradman and Brian Lara into a tie for second place.
  • Just to prevent Sehwag getting all cocky, it should also be noted that his getting out for a paltry 131 in the first innings at Kanpur ends his streak of 11 consecutive centuries turned into 150+ scores. Clearly his rampage in Mumbai is the result of the certain knowledge that I was bound to mention it here.

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electrichalibut said...

The curse of Electric Halibut strikes again. Final stat is therefore this one - people out in the 290s in Tests. Two of the four have been this year, strangely.