Thursday, June 18, 2009

tunes! and farting

I know all the hip and groovy kids have it already, but I downloaded and installed Spotify earlier this week; if you have any interest whatsoever in music you should do the same. Imagine a radio station where you get to decide what gets played (and no inane DJ talk either). Search out all that obscure stuff that sounded interesting when you read about it but you weren't sure about buying, revisit stuff you used to listen to and remember how great (or, alternatively, shit) it was.

You can't download stuff, so you're limited to playing it through the Spotify player (i.e., implicity, while online), but you can always buy the stuff you really like elsewhere (via iTunes, say), instead of having to pay for and download it first and then decide whether you like it or not.

I've been revisiting some American late 80's/early 90's rock I used to have on various badly-recorded cassettes, before I tearfully took my tape collection to the civic amenity site in Bristol when I moved house - specifically In The Spanish Cave by Thin White Rope, and Brother Aldo by Chuck Prophet. Both still sound pretty good, actually.

Alternatively, you could head over here and follow up some recommendations for the worst and weirdest stuff to have been made available on Spotify. I can vouch for the weirdness of the contents of Speech After The Removal Of The Larynx; after that you're on your own. Well, apart from Spooky Farts For Halloween, which I can confirm is the funniest thing ever recorded, ever. Apart from, possibly, the Ultimate Halloween Fart Album.

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