Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cliché, cliché: perhaps. but true

More interesting sporting phraseology: during the course of watching the final of the Masters snooker on Sunday night I noticed the commentary team toying with the word "genius" to describe Ronnie O'Sullivan, a probably not unreasonable description, as it happens. The phrase "genius is an overused word" was used, and true enough, it is. The trouble is, the phrase "genius is an overused word" is itself a cliché, as you'll discover if you try and do a Google search on it. Those who the phrase is used in relation to include:
Tune in again a year or so from now for an analysis of how the phrase ""genius is an overused word" is an overused phrase" is an overused phrase.


Anonymous said...

oh my word: snooker. They don't show the snooker in frog land, and I suffer withdrawal symptoms. Who won the masters?

electrichalibut said...

Sorry, I meant to provide a link that would have answered that question, but obviously I must have forgotten, so here it is: O'Sullivan won 10-8.

Are you still nursing a bizarre obsession with Stephen Hendry, or has that worn off now he's a bit shit?

Anonymous said...

well, I suppose Stephen Hendry will still remain in my heart, and fortunately I left the country before he became a bit shit, so I didn't have to get disappointed watching him play (and lose).

It was a close game then? I really do miss it