Wednesday, August 13, 2008

top, sorted, mad for it

Footnote to my previous post - despite being the largest and most impressive area of high ground in the county, the Long Mynd is not the highest point in Shropshire - the Stiperstones are a bit higher for a start, and the highest point is actually the top of Brown Clee Hill over the other side of Wenlock Edge. Which got me to thinking, and, during the thinking process, finding this Wikipedia page listing the highest points in each county in England.

My recommendation is to click on the Type heading on the right and ignore the ones marked as "unitary", as that's just a bit silly (it would, for instance, require you to recognise Milton Keynes as a county in its own right). Of the ones which I deem to be "proper" counties, I've stood on the highest points of surprisingly few, specifically Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon and Oxfordshire.

Maybe I should try and do the rest (although some of them look deeply unimpressive) - I reckon there might be a book in it, you know. Maybe I should pitch it to a publisher - it's no more stupid a premise for a travel book than McCarthy's Bar or Round Ireland With A Fridge, for fuck's sake.

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