Saturday, March 29, 2008

scent of a woman

Here are a couple of amusing Onion articles satirising.....well, I hope it's obvious what they're satirising. America is a weird and schizophrenic place, it hardly needs saying. Then again if everyone was a sane and rational non-lunatic there wouldn't be such rich source material for the satirists. Yin and yang, if you will; it's almost like it was designed that way. Hold on a minute.....

I suspect the satirised/satiriser divide is broadly along the lines of recent US election maps, such as the one below from 2004:

So you've got your Democrats (in blue) sitting in their beachfront condos in their loafers sipping lattes and reading The Onion, and then you've got the Republicans in the Bible Belt sitting in their tractors eating onions.

If religio-political satire doesn't float your boat, how about masturbation and oral sex? Articles about them, I mean.

Those last two are probably SFW, just about; this one most definitely is not. But is it for real? I've no idea. Surely not? Needless to say it's German.

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