Friday, January 25, 2008

y Reg gubes, ra!

Quick follow-up to a couple of earlier posts: you can add Ypsilanti to my list of things that look as if they've been written down the wrong way round. Surely this should be Itnalispy? Same applies to any of the (fairly few) words that start with a "y" and then a consonant; they just look wrong. So you could have Yggdrasil (aka Lisardggy - which sounds like a charming little Cornish seaside town), ytterbium (aka muibretty) or ylang-ylang (aka gnaly-gnaly) as well.

Secondly, I see from the IMDB entry for the film of Algis Budrys' classic paranoid science fiction novel Who?, as mentioned in my last book review, that the film was retitled Roboman for its subsequent release onto video, and saddled with the tag line "the kill machine with the megaton mind", which anyone who's read the original quite cerebral and wordy novel in which not a great deal actually happens will know is hilariously inappropriate. Anyone expecting Robocop would have come away severely disappointed.

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