Tuesday, December 19, 2006

last one today, honest

....cos I mean to go to Cardiff early-ish tomorrow and I need to sleep. But I followed a couple of links and found this earlier today, and I really have to share it. Imagine all the things you can't possibly say on a blog, or at least not on one that your work colleagues/girlfriend/mother might read. Be warned that there is any amount of sedition, blasphemy, profanity etc. as well as some explicit images here, so you might want to exercise some caution as to when and where you click on the link (and, if you're my mother, don't do it at all). It is mainly just ridiculously funny, though.


everlands said...

Can I be pedantic and point out that this was in fact the first one of the day?


Oh, OK then. I won't.

electrichalibut said...

Yes. Yes you can. Or yes you may, to be equally pedantic.

everlands said...

Curses! Chiz chiz chiz