Saturday, October 14, 2006

f*ckity f*ck

Four Weddings And A Funeral was on Channel 4 tonight. I watched the last hour or so, much against my better judgment - well, nothing better was on, and I had a bottle of Hardy's Cabernet Merlot on the go, so I couldn't be bothered to leave the sofa.

Much against my better judgment, you say? Surely this is a charming romantic comedy? Incapable of causing offence in anyone, let alone massive teeth-gnashing bilious loathing? Well.....just a couple of things:

1) Hugh Grant. And, in general, the portrayal of the British male as some stuttering, foppish, emotionally constipated, sexually repressed buffoon. Obviously this is made for the American market, but even so: his best mate is the seventh richest man in Britain! And all the weddings are in country mansions! And the climactic one appears to be in Westminster Abbey or something...arguably this is to do with the English male, which gets me out on a technicality, but even so....

2) Far more importantly, what man in his right mind would choose Andie MacDowell (pleasant enough in an inoffensive corn-fed mid-Western American sort of way) over Kristin Scott Thomas - one of the sexiest women in the world? An idiot, that's who. Funnily enough the only other decent film I can remember Andie MacDowell having a starring role in was sex, lies and videotape, where, by a strange coincidence, she was equally overshadowed by a co-star of almost overwhelming sexiness; Laura San Giacomo (who played her sister) in this case. Whatever happened to her, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

totally agree with this bit bate!

Andy said...

Wasn't Andie MacDowell the monkey in the original Planet of the Apes film? Or am I thinking of someone else?