Wednesday, October 01, 2014

headline of the day

So here's another crash blossom for you, from the BBC website today:

Naturally you'll have a mental image, as I did, of a foxy lady reclining on a sun lounger somewhere having a wistful reverie involving her falsely imprisoned husband being delivered from his ordeal, perhaps like a slightly sexy version of the bit at the end of The Railway Children.

That isn't actually what this is about, though. It's actually about some Scottish bloke who thought his wife was having an affair, and therefore did the obvious thing, which was to print up a load of posters of her in a state of undress (which he just happened to have) and stick them up all over town. The "free" bit reflects the judge's decision not to imprison him following a period of good behaviour. It's not clear from the story whether his wife actually was having an affair, or whether they're still married (the incident was a year or so ago), though I would expect the answer to the second question to be "no".

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