Tuesday, August 13, 2013

up the duf

A further update to my table of 63s at major championships is required after the recent PGA Championship at Oak Hill. Jason Dufner, the eventual champion, shot 63 in the second round, and, like Steve Stricker a couple of years before, missed a very makeable putt for a 62 which would have rendered all my lists irrelevant.

The Dufmeister also bucked a recent trend by becoming only the second man in 27 years and 16 major championship 63s to follow up such a round by actually winning the tournament. And it was nice to see the usual heartwarming scene of toothy family togetherness on the 18th green bucked as well as Dufner made an unashamed grab for his wife's arse as she embraced him after he'd holed the winning putt. And why not? I expect he probably sank a long one later that evening as well. Maybe she even let him play the back nine; it's not every day you win a major, after all.

Johnny MillerUS Open1973finalWONJohnny Miller
Bruce CramptonUSPGA1975second2ndJack Nicklaus
Mark HayesOpen1977secondtied 9thTom Watson
Jack NicklausUS Open1980firstWONJack Nicklaus
Tom WeiskopfUS Open1980first37thJack Nicklaus
Isao AokiOpen1980thirdtied 12thTom Watson
Raymond FloydUSPGA1982firstWONRaymond Floyd
Gary PlayerUSPGA1984secondtied 2ndLee Trevino
Nick PriceMasters1986third5thJack Nicklaus
Greg NormanOpen1986secondWONGreg Norman
Paul BroadhurstOpen1990thirdtied 12thNick Faldo
Jodie MuddOpen1991finaltied 5thIan Baker-Finch
Nick FaldoOpen1993second2ndGreg Norman
Payne StewartOpen1993final12thGreg Norman
Vijay SinghUSPGA1993second4thPaul Azinger
Michael BradleyUSPGA1995firsttied 54thSteve Elkington
Brad FaxonUSPGA1995final5thSteve Elkington
Greg NormanMasters1996first2ndNick Faldo
Jose Maria OlazabalUSPGA2000thirdtied 4thTiger Woods
Mark O’MearaUSPGA2001secondtied 22ndDavid Toms
Vijay SinghUS Open2003secondtied 20thJim Furyk
Thomas BjornUSPGA2005thirdtied 2ndPhil Mickelson
Tiger WoodsUSPGA2007secondWONTiger Woods
Rory McIlroyOpen2010firsttied 3rdLouis Oosthuizen
Steve Stricker USPGA2011firsttied 12thKeegan Bradley
Jason Dufner USPGA2013secondWONJason Dufner

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